Rainman229 Custom Paintball: Making your equipment truly unique.
My toy when i first got her.






Here she is with the cnc and dro hooked up









Custom backblock for the rainmaker


Custom backblock with 9volt battery holder. this block belongs to Aluminum Gerbil




Basic mac mount for stock rainmaker frame



frontblock frame adapter.


Sorry about the thumbnail  pictures

I will get good ones up soon








Frontblock frame adapter. these pic's show a little more detail then the first ones.



These are the first backblocks i made.




Battery mac mount

2 different proto types

1 is a solid unit 

The second has a front door and the room for an on/off switch


These are available only made at order

25 each  35 annoed




Mac mounts allow to positions of asa

35 annoed






New batch of frontblock adapters





This is what happens to an angel lcd frame when you  mess up a trigger guard mod and the end mill walks and mess your day up. But not a bad patch up to save it.