Rainman229 Custom Paintball: Making your equipment truly unique.

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BlackRain's Rainmaker milled.

 Upper receiver rounded off, custom feed neck tube , and backblock

Rex carnage's Rainmaker

Upper receiver rounded off,

lower receiver  gilled and front milled down


My ultra light

Upper receiver rounded off, and light gills

lower receiver has been milled down as far as you could possibly go with cutting thru. the gills are cut down the body and show the hammer hitting the valve pin.


ScottQ's Acid rain Rainmaker 

These pictures show the milling that do not show up after Anno



This is a body I did for the fun of just to play with the basics on the C.N.C. it's for sale. reasonable offers considered. offers with trade in body highly consider.



I added a little more milling looked as it was a little to laid back for my taste

check out the picture's in the link




Robert Andrews  bolt cover pic says enough


Milling / Lathe

Milling based on $40 per hour shop rate

Minimum Charge for work 1/2 hour  ($20)

After first hour Work billed By quarter hour  ($10)

Contact for quote on work needed

Cnc Milling also available

For cnc work there shall be a setup or Coding charge (this maybe waved if it's not an one off item)

Minimum charge $15

Maximum $150


This page goes back to the old site. 10 years worth of stuff to transfer over is to much work

Cnc Milling Available

E-mail for needs



Snipers/ Cocker

Misc Pumps

Pump Rainmaker



Semi PGP


Brass gallery